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Areas of coaching that I work with clients on include:

  • Developing a better work-life balance
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving self management
  • Creating and sustaining important projects
  • Developing plans; sales, marketing, business, etc
  • Increasing sales performance
  • Developing personal vision and leadership
  • Assisting in business change management

How coaching helps people to achieve their objectives:

  • Coaching conversations are focused on an important area to the business and the client.
  • The coach provides a sounding board for ideas and works from a neutral perspective.
  • The coach from a neutral position creates a place in which personal limitations and beliefs can be examined and acted upon.
  • The coach helps the client generate new ideas and fresh thinking.
  • The coach supports the creation of boundaries and time frames and from this come personal accountability.
  • The coach helps the client build solid, long lasting plans.